Accept acceptance, it rules

Shaylee Edwards
1 min readJun 19, 2022
Original photo, New Orleans 2022

Non-acceptance is a subtle way to claim that you know what events mean in the overall scheme of things. Non-acceptance is saying and feeling, ‘This is wrong..’ without knowing if it is ultimately wrong.

Acceptance is recognizing that your rejection of what is does nothing except make you miserable and shut down your higher-level thinking and creative problem-solving skills. (Really, check my neuroscience.) Ironically, that means when you don’t accept something, you ask it to continue because you have fewer resources available to progress the situation.

Acceptance is saying, “Yes and…” ‘Yes’ allows what is to be what is without additional emotional or mental disturbances. ‘And..’ invites you to take a step from where you are rather than lament about how things should be (which, let’s be real, doesn’t do anything except waste your time and energy).

Acceptance is being grounded about the limits of your personal understanding and honest with yourself about what’s an effective response to what’s happening.

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