If you’re “healing,” remember…

Shaylee Edwards
3 min readFeb 27, 2023


Yah really only need to heal one thing — the idea you’re not already whole.

Which is to say, be mindful when you identify and label what you’re doing re: healing. What you think needs done might not be what actually is being done.

There’s an intelligence to your mind, body, and soul that’ll do things you can’t understand, explain, forecast, or control. Thank god, right? What if you had to manually operate your biochemistry or memory bank?

So if you aren’t calling out and focusing on what you think needs to be done, what’s your active role? Seemingly, it’s to connect with a compelling vision while you lovingly dance with what is and what comes up along the way there.

Healing heartbreak is a different journey in form and function than realizing a vision to enjoy a full, open, and connected heart. The latter includes healing, see? But the healing heartbreak experience can meander, especially if you start to identify with the story and build out a lot of life around it.

If you focus on the problem, or rather, what you think is the problem, you’ll miss a lot of things that aren’t the problem. Of course, you’re free to be about the perceived issue and less about what lays beyond it. I’d just be mindful that you don’t lose too much time on what might have been a short, lateral step to a long, arduous trek.

Things will take the time they take, and yet, you’re the gatekeeper to your experience and your focus will determine the quality and progression of your life. LET ME EMPHASIZE REAL QUICK that focusing intentionally is NOT the same as ignoring what is. DENIAL DOES NOT WORK.. That means you need to allow yourself to SEE what is and play it how it lies without getting mentally stuck on it.

Our minds tend to default to insisting you won’t get anywhere good from your present problem. The paths it paints are not usually enjoyable, easy, or supported. I theorize this is what causes denial. Lack of confidence in self and life. We deny from our awareness what is because we deny who we are (an expression of the divine). If you were assured that you were able, supported, even encouraged to live beautifully and richly, what would be so scary about seeing anything? No problem is too big for you because no problem is too big for the divine. If you knew you could tidy up the room, why wouldn’t you?

Yes, the result may be different than the one you have in mind. Living in harmony with the divine does require a bit of humility. You might notice I’m saying, ‘Surrender, accept what is.’ And earlier I said, hold the vision. Yes and yes. It’s both, man. Continue to work to realize a compelling vision from HERE, here as it is. Love and accept what is, as it is, as you continue to interact with life as if an even more beautiful horizon unwaveringly awaits.

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