Livin’ the light can be dark..

Shaylee Edwards
3 min readFeb 28, 2023


Living the light doesn’t mean your life sparkles like an instagram filter.

It’s sorta implied that if you’re walking the spiritual path, bein’ the love, doin’ the work, you should only be dealing in butterflies with a gentle breeze in your hair and sun on your bare bum, boo’d up with some fairy king or queen. The emphasis on how you create your own reality can kind of make you feel like if you’re not ‘manifesting’ 6 figures and blissed TF up, you’re doing it wrong. Shame on you, you ‘know’ better!

Yes, the path has spots of that. Yes, it trends in that direction’ish. Yes, it can and does offer much beauty and peace. A lot on the front end, actually. Kind of like the attraction of a cute puppy, a fresh baby, or new love. You dive in and commit because, HOW COULD YOU NOT GO ON THIS JOURNEY! LOOK HOW CUTE IS!!

Still, the path has a lil more to it than those things.

Divine as you are, you’re also human on the good ship earth. Maybe you’re like me, I had a lot of resistance to my humanity. I only recently stepped into creaturehood with fervor. The promises of enlightenment seemed like the antidote to my desire to be perfect, ‘safe’ from things that hurt, and free from responsibility (i.e. not human). Did I see these background motives? Nah, boo. You don’t see why you see.

That’s actually one of my fav perks of the path — coming to see what’s running you in the background.

Living in the light is a willingness to bring awareness to your less-than-amazing-choices, unhealed heartaches, strife-ridden family dynamics, less-than-healthy thinking patterns, what happened that you didn’t want to happen, how you’re not that cool, that the societal systems in place don’t really serve the people, that you’re gonna die, things aren’t what they seem, etc etc.

Let’s be real, if you didn’t have a basket full of ouchies, you probably wouldn’t be inspired to hike the spiritual mountain… or valleys of death.

Seems like most peeps need a bit of inspiration (kind of like a grand ass-kicking) to ask new questions and risk a venture of that magnitude into the unknown. You might be on the path because, like me, you couldn’t get or stay on the well-trodden one.

The path is a complete reworking of your beliefs and behavior toward greater authenticity and love. The path is about seeing with less conditioned BS, more compassion, and appreciation. It’s a journey to fiercely adhere to, be, and love your self while you’re here with others in a more conscious and intentional way.

It’s the progressive (and often messy) realization of the peace of knowing who you are, the lightness that comes from putting down what isn’t yours, a remembering of your inherent and unfailing worthiness, the experience of grace, a wormhole out of the matrix, experiences of greater intimacy and vulnerability, access to nonphysical information, claiming your own experience, being your own authority, a realization of what’s always been, a dance in real magic, and so much more.

Each person walks their own path. You can’t do it wrong (although I’ll guarantee at points you’ll be certain you are.) My suggestion is that you allow yourself to enjoy and appreciate the adventure and trust it, regardless of whether or not it looks or feels ‘spiritual’ or right. It is. As an ironic twist, there’s nothing that isn’t. All paths, ‘spiritual’ or nah, are to home.

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