What ‘waking up’ looks like (really, I put it in pictures)

Shaylee Edwards
3 min readJun 17, 2022


This guy started by thinking he was mad because of what other people were doing.

Then he learned he was mad because he wasn’t expressing what he needed.

Then he discovered he didn’t express himself because his parents discouraged it.

Then he figured out they did the best they could and it was his nervous system holding him back.

Then he saw that modern culture was built on fear-based thinking and it was hijacking his nervous system.

Then he noticed he was still focusing on something that made him feel bad. He realized he was giving away his power.

Finally, he allowed himself to focus on the present moment without judgment. He woke up and claimed the freedom he always had.

Whether you like it or not, you’re somewhere on that path. We all are.

Waking up isn’t actually ‘a process.’ You’re either awake or you’re not. There’s no middle state.

Being ‘awake’ is being present to the here and now without fear-based ideas. It’s being who you really are — free.

I help clients get rid of the narratives and patterns of thinking that keep them from feeling free. You can learn mindfulness and self-love. They make everything you’re trying to do easier.

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